“does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? I Don’t. Does Anybody Care…?” (chicago

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We know that time is a relative concept. While it is 3 pm. here in New York City, it is 12 noon in California, 8 p.m. in London, and the next day in Australia. Due to our graduated segments of time…we move from standard time to daylight savings time in the United States and European Union on the first Sunday in November, although most of Arizona (by local ordinance) does not change its clocks…

Time, as an every-day – displayed-on-a-clock concept – represents a circle, as you can see in the above photo. Why am I mentioning this? It seems so obvious. Isn’t it interesting that some clairvoyants describe their vision as spherical: When they read from the other realm, where the information is peppered with competing possibilities, their task is to interpret…

Einstein, smashing the absolute concept of time, discovered that it slows under certain conditions. Gregg Braden writes about a successful group intention to get to a destination faster by moving through time quickly…Many of us have had time whiz by during an engrossing lecture or outstanding movie. And it’s conversational wisdom that our current experience of time is moving so very quickly…the days seem shorter. Is this true? I believe so…

From my spiritual readings and conversations, I’ve learned that we are, and will be moving away from third dimensional, clock-reading time—to a space where all time is happening NOW! What will our time look like? I really don’t know…I answer the Chicago ditty, “The time is NOW! And I care.”

I am fascinated by clocks and time: My office has two hourglasses, and most of my clients love this ancient technology – sand silently passing through a small opening…There is a clock in virtually every room in my home. For cooking, I have a three-in-one timer to keep track of the preparation of several dishes at once. (This device looks like the dashboard of a vintage airplane.) On my website, there is a 2-3 minute meditation and a 10-15 minute, guided relaxation exercise. Here I am, celebrating the

p a s s a g e of time while suggesting that our experience of time is about to shift…I don’t mean to confuse…I wish to speak of that which is relevant…Time is a fascinating concept that affects all of us.

Today, on Labor Day (in the United States and Canada), we mark time’s p a s s a g e – the end of sleepy, glorious summer, even though it officially departs at 1:21 am on September 23. Beginning tomorrow, we return to the structure of our work/school, fall-approaching routine. Oh! I feel sad to see summer fade away…from my childhood memories, and the ease of dressing and being invigorated outdoors…

If you have two minutes, please check out another blog post about our warmest season: https://lindamarsanico.com/#!EARTH-AND-SUN-INTERPLAY-OF-ENERGIES/c1byv/5550bfb40cf248741724aff5

When I speak to you on September 21st, it will still, officially, be summer. Let’s enjoy the moments and bask in the nurturing, available sun…


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