Possibility: The Quantum Human in A Quantum World

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My goal is to plant a quantum seed in your imagination. I want to suggest that we are quantum, and that we can reach into our quantum possibility. Let’s remember what Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination embraces the world!

As I wrote in my 5.26.14 blog post (Possibility), “Particles in a quantum state are said to be entangled. This description is the only way to attempt to explain something that is ‘everywhere and nowhere at the same time’… When you have attributes that are everywhere at the same, you can not separate them, you cannot count them…all the linear rules of computation and/or geometry do not support something being ‘everywhere.’”

(p. 188, Kryon/Lee Carroll, “The Twelve Layers of DNA, An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within. Book Twelve.” 2010, Platinum Publications, Sedona, AZ).

Let me share some additional, counterintuitive information.

  • In a wonderful book called, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,’ Gary Zukav, a physicist himself, interviewed physicists around the world. The conclusion of their observations and research is that PROTONS THINK!
  • Lisa Randall, Ph.D., a Harvard physicist, highlights the developments of modern theories in physics: relativity, quantum mechanics, principal of uncertainty, particle physics, and now “Proposal for Extra-Dimensional Universes:” Dr. Randall constructed a theoretical model of multiple dimensions, describing them beautifully in varying configurations: some are curled up tubes, others are extremely long, while others are incredibly small or thin… Speaking about her theory of multiple dimensions, Randall said she knew she was onto something when Stephen Hawking, Ph.D. (the iconic and renowned physicist-author), sat down next to her at a scientific meeting!
  • In the history of physics, observations have been made where results were unexplainable:
  • Albert Einstein, Ph.D. – Nobel Prize Winner – observed the smallest unit of light as discontinuous, as a particle not a WAVE, but he didn’t know that their mechanical qualities would permit them to be identified as particles. It took twenty years for his idea to be accepted in the field.
  • Neils Bohr, Ph.D., the Danish physicist – Nobel Prize Winner – said he found the human language to be inadequate to describe the ‘inner workings’ of the atom. His models of the atom came to him – intuitively – as pictures in his brain (“Warped Passages. Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Universe’s Hidden Dimensions,” Harper/Perennial, NY, p.118).

Let’s get back to Dr. Randall who believes that ‘more dimensions means freedom to move in a greater number of completely different directions.’ As I mentioned in my 5.26.14 post (Possibility), I believe that the creative process is an example of moving like that. It is in the creative process that it feels like my mind moves in this way. Let me explain.

Every two weeks, when I write for my blog, I remain open for a topic, which may be inspired by a conversation, music, or something else…Sometimes I wake up with an idea, and I let the idea float, allowing for synchronicity to inspire me. Once I commit to a concept, I remain open to what I remember is related to this idea, and do research. I hand write on loose-leaf paper, a few paragraphs, and later type this onto a word document.

I have written about the phase ‘downloading from the infinite web,’ my term for the ability to access pure awareness. How do we gain access to pure awareness? By removing the blocks to knowing our self…we face our fears…we become clearer about our self…and the world around us. Here…we are on the road to self-love, and a grounded sensibility…Here we are poised for this connection to pure awareness…we gain the use of our ‘inner technology’ to interact with our quantum world.

And so, for today, I have presented ideas in modern physics that are counterintuitive, saying that:

  • protons think.
  • a theory of multiple dimensions has been proposed.
  • quantum theories, which when proposed, were not fully understood by their discoverers, Einstein, and Bohr.
  • I have presented the creative process as a non-linear and quantum experience.

My goal today is to plant a quantum seed in your imagination because I believe that modern physics informs us about US…quantum beings in a quantum world.

We have had mostly lovely weather in New York City this August…hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer. I am cherishing each and every moment…every hour…you get the drift…Speak to you in THREE weeks, on Labor Day, September 7.th

Stay cool…


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