On This 6 Th of July

In the United States we just celebrated another anniversary of over 200 years of freedom as a sovereign nation. The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, asserts that all men (changed by amendments to the Constitution, to be women, all races; and abolishing descrimination at the polls – still in process) have the right to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ What does this mean?

We each will have different ideas about being independent and free. To get to the point, we might ask: “Am I free to access resources of housing, education, healthcare,” which I need for my body and mind? Let me take this to a basic, personal, perhaps, more profound level of experience? Does my heart feel free? (The heart always knows…) Let me ask myself:

Am I free to be myself?

Do I have freedom to speak my truth and to disagree?

Do I have the space to know what I want?

Am I free to be curious, to quench my thirst for knowledge?

Am I free to breathe life into my dreams and aspirations?

Do I feel safe?

Freedom is something we feel deeply. As I take an inventory while reaching into my heart, I, Linda Marsanico, have many freedoms…yet this is not true for everyone…

We who live on this beautiful planet feel – on a deep, cellular and spiritual level – the energy of our brothers and sisters…We know that there are so many who are not free, based upon the questions I’ve written above, and more queries, no doubt…We share in this worldly experience (as we are are intimately linked) on an earth that has sufficient resources for abundance when, and only when, we can find balance…to share…collaborate…within the wisdom of compassion – in America and the world.

We are not free until others are free. Why? We depend upon each other in our local and global, personal and spiritual economy. The experience of the lack of freedom produces enormous stress on every personal system of the body, and social system of the world. Human potential and resources remain undeveloped. Lives remain in despair…

In my liberty, I am able to make choices (to vote, to support, to encourage, making room for the freedom of others)… And let’s remember the ripple effect: that our vibration of love (or its opposite) is broadcast for all to feel, like a pebble thrown into the water. Our vibrational signatures become the wavelength of the consciousness [See https://lindamarsanico.com/#!THE-RIPPLE-EFFECT/c1byv/5AFA19AB-6AF7-426C-841A-5771D17C9A9C

This is a most wonderful place for me to be…in my autonomy, in this abundant country…to support and encourage self-determination…as I go…daily… The personal becomes the global…as I flutter my aspirational butterfly…to add to the winds of freedom and choice for others… here and everywhere…so that we can share in the beauty and joy of life…”You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” (John Lennon).

Speak to you on July 20th.


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