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As I write you these words, I’m sitting in my Sedona home, focusing on the Kryon Conference (you may remember that Lee Carroll is the channel) where I am connecting and networking with like-minded people from all over the world. There is Shahla, originally from Iran (living in Maryland), Shahira from Malaysia, Richard and Sian (spiritual coaches) who live in Australia, Melissa from Prescott, Pat from Oregon and Patricia in California. For a gal who used to be quiet (and who wants something different) I’ve become bold and chatty. I kind of remind myself of myself as a child.

I wish to tell you about a writer-friend – Obrien Browne – who published his first novel, “My Back Pages” ( in December 2014, available on It’s a well-written story from the perspective of Del in a coming-of-age tale based in California, home of the author! The characters, strong and flawed, grabbed me, and I finished this book in a few days, despite my hectic schedule. I highly recommend it!

On the second day of the five-day symposium, I left my iPhone home. (This is no accident, as I know how universe works.) Instead of texting and answering emails on my 90-minute lunch break, I was available to be spoken to by Siam, Shahira and Shahla! Shahira and I have begun conversations about personal growth – following our heart’s passion…

Last Friday, I had tea with Kim Alyce Steffgen (a Sedona area resident) whose focus has been energy medicine and alternative healing, especially flower essences. “Now she offers fiber art…(healing)…”workshops that blend expressive writing with the wool felting process to encourage your inner child to ‘come out and play!’” Stay tuned, as I’ll post her link when it is available. Viola! (8/3/15) Here is Kim’s link:

Today, Melissa and I plan to discuss healing work! This week, Shahira and I will discuss the realities of the transitioning world of international finance…I’m excited at the possibilities! Have I told you I’ve developed wanderlust? Thailand and Bali beckon to me…and I miss Paris and Rome…

Reporting from Sedona ~~ where I am always happy to be, sharing a wave of purple light with you…

Speak to you on June 22nd.


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