One Degree of Change

I want to share a subtle shift that I’ve made this month. It’s a nuance that has a big impact on my daily experience and enjoyment.

A little history…My family shares a strong work ethic, which has allowed me to accomplish important objectives. I am able to set a goal, keep my eye on it, and create a structure to complete it. However, my inclination is to work too much, and this has been an issue for me to heal. For years, I have worked through the day, with little or no breaks to find myself exhausted by 8 p.m. “Is this a way to live,” I ask myself?

Since 2012, I‘ve been more interested in work-life-balance, and I’ve made efforts to see friends over dinner, go to the theatre, cinema. This has gone well, yet I still have a strong tendency to work, work, work…

This month of April has encouraged a new strategy where I build in my fun things to do DURING the day, mixed into my work time. These might be a delicious snack, a 20-minute nap, etc. One day I watched an episode of ‘Fringe.’

Last week, my morning got away from me – my peak writing period is before 12 noon. I thought: “You can’t write. You’re too distracted.” (I was not happy with this.) Another thought emerged: “Do a 30-minute meditation.”

Sitting on my favorite chair after setting a timer, I meditated, deeply, for 30 minutes. The result was amazing. I was REVIVED and CLEAR-HEADED, with the kind of focus reminiscent of first thing upon awakening…writing was possible!

This small, chosen fluctuation (a change in my usual behavioral response) has reaped me a wonderful benefit by creating a second chance, creating a window, a space for quiet mind. Just wanted to share this with you. I wonder if you can relate to this or have undergone a similar experience? Please give me feedback.

Enjoy the birds singing… Speak to you on April 27th.



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