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Isn’t it interesting that in the English language a ‘present’ is a gift? Look at the meaning of the words: A present [that which we give someone] is called a ‘gift.’ In metaphysics, to be in the present is to be in the midst of possibility, where all things are possible at all times!

Ram Dass speaks eloquently when he says “Be Here Now” (1971, Lama Foundation, NM). When we remain in the present moment we reach into infinity [See Ram Dass.com.] We might say that we opt out of our ego [with its linearity] and enter the realms of ‘all time is happening now,’ which is said to be circular by many metaphysicians…and mediums. When mediums reach into these other realms, they report seeing possibilities. Their task – when working with clients – is to choose amongst these options, suspending the filter of their own ego…

I’ve written that compassion is an everyday experience; that we have the opportunity to grow immensely when we face the challenges Universe presents. These challenges push us to do something, to take action in some way. From the spiritual perspective we ask: “Why is this person or situation coming into my life now? When we look at our self squarely, relentlessly, in the NOW we can appreciate that our spiritual journey is all about us, and choose a proactive response. Proactive action [vs. reactive action] comes purely from our heart [heart/ego/love] based on where we are right now.

Being present can be viewed as the jumping-off point where we take a leap of faith into the co-creative aspect of us…WE ARE opting into the realms, which are beyond space and time…into infinity…

If we view our self and the universe as a hologram, what would we learn about us? If we can opt beyond space and time, will we mirror the universe, which surrounds us? I would say, “Yes.” I’ve come to understand that my Higher Self is within my heart. I’ve written: Reaching into the compassionate heart segues in to our highest potentials. What are our highest potentials?

Love and compassion are our highest potentials. [I’ve written that love and compassion exist as identical twins – from the same egg. [See Blog https://lindamarsanico.com/#!I-GOT-TO-THINKING/c1byv/E11E9BED-602D-45DA-A36C-361EB3DD23EB] Love is all there is. Love IS our true nature…Of course, being human, the EGO and its chatter distract us. Mantra is one very helpful strategy to help us master our thoughts because mantra is the repetition of a word or phrase, a chant whose purpose is to take us out of the distraction of our thoughts. We redirect the self so that we face our chosen direction…of the music…the flow…

I especially love the ‘I AM’ mantra, which electromagnetically connects us to our Higher Self, a cell of Creator’s fabric in our soul. This is where the action lives, where the music of the soul plays…where WE ARE one with love…

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