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I was hoping to upload my first podcast today, but due to scheduling differences, my technical assistant and I were not able to figure out the protocols for pod casting! As soon as we understand the details, this post will be transformed into my first audio post.

This delay was an opportunity for me to practice patience!

Hello, this is Linda Marsanico with my first podcast. I am very excited to be reaching

out to you in this way. I’ve been asked to talk about spiritual coaching which is the topic of this conversation!

In spiritual coaching we look at the highest possible meaning of situations in our life. We ask: Why is this happening right now? What can I learn about myself through this interaction or circumstance? When I look at myself in the mirror, what do I see about myself? What can I learn? With a willingness to be open, we understand that we will be changed as we make our way on our path. “Our spiritual journey is all about us.” It’s not about the other person.

In spiritual coaching I see the importance of metaphysics, and that, spiritually, we are all connected in a oneness. You’ve heard the story of the butterfly in the Ukraine who flutters its wings and that this effort is felt around the world.

In metaphysics there is the law of attraction, which states that energy attracts like energy. We draw situations into our life by the energy that we cultivate, internally. This internal energy entices the same level of energy from universe/cosmos/ether. In spiritual coaching we pay attention to our level of energy creation. We are broadcast journalists – that is, we are transmitting our vibrations TO ALL, and affecting the ALL – just like the butterfly. This vibration is the product of our thoughts and feelings! Both thoughts and feelings create energy. One major goal of spiritual coaching is to become aware of our thoughts and feelings. If these are negative, we work to change them. Positive thoughts create positive energy.

In my November 24, 2014 blog entitled, “Being In Shape,” I share a 4-stage strategy for


  • Know what you are thinking to determine if your thoughts are positive or negative.
  • Know your habitual behavioral response so that you can change it if you wish to.
  • Know the roots of your attitudes and behaviors to understand your self more.
  • Use meditation and mantra to relax, and then to get into the multidimensional


The client and I set goals for change. We collaborate and brainstorm, and from this conversation, ideas organically emerge. These guide us. We know, specifically, what needs to be tweaked so that the client can move forward.

From my preparation as a clinical psychologist, and attunements as an energy healer, I have a keen eye for roots of attitudes and behavior. Also, the client’s kinesiology shows me the location of angst in the body. When I view this anxiety, I can question it. We have a dialog right then and there about an unconscious/subliminal experience.

Communication runs from the heart to the brain. When we acknowledge this circuit of communication, we understand our experience as it’s happening. However, when we disavow the heartfelt experience, we send the unconscious impulse to the body where it is stored. This stored-up energy creates aches and pains. If this continues it can eventually becoming a disorder. It was Dr. Candace Pert, the neuroscientist, who stated that our body is our unconscious, in her book “The Molecules of Emotion.”

Back to the circuit of communication. When this circuit of communication has become problematic for the client, and when the client wishes to change/update them, we develop specific strategies for what I term: updating the software in the brain! These updates move the client forward ……

I write about this in detail in my September 9, 2013 blog entitled, (surprise) “Creating a

newly-designed software program for our brain.”

  • During spiritual coaching, I use Reiki and other energy systems to offer relaxation to the client. Often, I have access to a wealth of information, which is assisted by guides, angels and masters. This together with the healing modalities allow for the client and me to set the pace for greater alignment in mind.body.spirit.

I see this as a complex and creative art form: two motivated people form a spiritual intent…to embark on a search for relative truths in a present experience. Universe supports the effort and we are set to go. The action is in the present – here and now…where we access wisdom from what I call the infinite web. The infinite web goes beyond our internet web. The infinite web refers to information, which exists in____ consciousness, pure awareness….

Organically during the session we create homework and change strategies so that the client shifts from the usual attitudinal and behavioral responses, updating them to a way of thinking and responding according to the client’s own design.

I’m closing for now. Let me know if anything is not clear, or needs further discussion. As well, if you have queries about any of my blog posts. You can leave your remarks in the comment box located in the top portion of my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Speak to you soon.


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