Men + Friendship = Brony…what Does This Mean?

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Brony Culture

I’ve talked about magic before (Blogs: “The World Is A Magical Place – Merlin, July 29, 2013; “Magic Carpet Ride,” May 12, 2014; “Possibility” May 26, 2014) as we live in an enchanting world. Abracadabra…I just learned about Bronies. What is…who is that, you might ask? A brony is a man (sometimes a woman) of any age who follows “My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic” [MLP:FIM], a rebirth of the show parents will remember. [The phrase Brony Culture was birthed in October, 2010,]

The theme of MLP:FIM, an animated show, is friendship. (This is what has attracted men.) The content depicts people (ponies of all types), who earnestly communicate, disagreeing yet getting along; treating each other fairly and kindly. Dialog expresses love, loyalty and support as an anchor for situations gone awry. Both men and women identify with this value.

For years, I have observed that many men – generations X, Y and older — typically, don’t develop friendships. Lacking this support, they become isolated. Relating is such an important practice because we are social beings, and we need interaction with others. Our first experiences are with our mother, father and siblings. We find love here, and I believe that we CANNOT live without this essential grace.

I’ve talked a lot about love in this blog (“The Power Of Love” Sept. 24, 2013;”How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways” Feb. 3, 2014; “Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost…” March 31, 2014”) It is in relation first with the God within us (Spiritually, love is all there is.) and with those we bring close to our heart that we share love. I know that maternal love is so very powerful. Sustained, romantic love is absolutely amazing. I feel love in my relationships – with my children, family, friends, and those we share this earth with…we are all connected. Of course, it takes time and a whole lot of effort to create love within self, and to develop and nurture friendships. This takes vulnerability – giving and receiving – sharing of myself. A friend is someone who knows all about me and likes me. A friend’s acceptance feels like love (Blog: “Accepting Differences” Sept. 29, 2014).

Back to Brony Culture…Jeremy Duffy, The Geek Professor ® describes the show and why he, a father, identifies himself as a ‘brony.’ I highly recommend his analysis of this phenomenon!

I welcome the Brony idea of love and friendship. The world seems brighter…

Speak to you on November 10th.


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