Labor Day 2014 — a Time of Challenge

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Most of us labor at many things, creating works of art, giving life, birth, and support to children; functioning at the office, or remotely in our home. Laboring is doing…and we often change something in this process.

I worked out at my gym last week and noticed a saying: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” (Alan Watts). This sounds so familiar, and is another way of saying “Go with the flow.’ It also reminds me of Buddha: “Don’t attempt. Just Do.” When we ‘do’ we pull up resolve and reserve and bring our best, strong qualities…like a laser. It’s quite powerful. Flowing and doing become a strong combo, an important skill we can well use, every day, as well as in times of challenge.

From the spiritual pike, I hear that with Enlightenment Energy flowing on to the planet,

we are thown into chaos. Why? Light energy illuminates, and our issues can be felt and seen in this glow. LIght, possessing a high vibrational frequency, brings up our issues, bringing us to a decision point, to allow us to move forward on our path. When chaos comes in, we can make a decision to look at ourselves in the mirror. Merlin suggests that we look at the whole of who we are, not just some of who we are. When we look at our whole self, what we don’t like about us withers away. (See blog “Creating A Newly Designed Software Program For Our Brain” Sept. 9, 2013).

If we choose to hide from this mirror, issues fester and we remain in increasing chaos. While this is an extremely uncomfortable place to reside (It could feel horrible.), it can feel safe and familiar. The decision to grow or change takes us from chaos to what can seem like a frightening place because it is unknown…out of our comfort zone. Here is where we take a leap into the unfamiliar, the unidentified. When I take a leap, I depend on the faith that my Creator will support me. Faith is the metaphorical set of wings which supports my jump past the abyss of fear and/or depression. (I discuss this in my blog, “Sedona — Ordinary Challenges to Grow Compassion.” Aug.18, 2014).

In general, what do I actually say and do here? I visualize an outcome, and say something like: “Thank you so much for a responsible tenant.” OR ” “Hold and protect me during this challenging time.” OR “Thank you for your love and support.” Once said, I then do the work. This can be making phone calls, placing ads, keeping my thoughts consistent with my request (I see a responsible tenant.”), and remaining, positive — aligned with my HIgher Self. Now, I don’t want to make ‘looking in the mirror at our self’ sound easy. It is by no means easy — It is a most striking challenge to look at our self in the light. But, it is the only way (that I know of) for us to reach self-love…and compassion

When John Legend sings, “I love your perfect imperfections” (“All Of Me” Good -Columbia, 2013), he is sharing an essential, spiritual fact. Our task is to remember and believe that this is true (We are perfectly, imperfect beings.); and to work through the wounds of our childhood, to move to the other side of fear where love, joy and fulfillment reside. Creator loves us beyond our imagination. We give birth to ourselves and can celebrate this on Labor Day (and every other moment of every other day), this year…next year…the following year…

Ram Das suggests that we begin where we are. This would be an apt encounter…let’s go from there…

Speak to you on September 15th


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