Sedona — Ordinary Challenges to Grow Compassion


When I arrived in Sedona on August 1st, I found myself up to my ears in decisions about carpeting. My first choice was sisal, but the owner of a shop refused to install it. Local flooring experts were not comfortable with this natural fiber, giving me reasons why I may not like it once it was on the floor: the seam would be noticeable; it doesn’t stretch. Rebuffed, I decided against this natural thread, as I didn’t have enough personal knowledge about it; my favorite, 100% wool option, which had jute backing, seemed an outstanding choice. This was a stressful decision, and I had to balance and ground myself to reach compassion for this freelancer. It was Oscar who suggested I “call someone else; you’ll feel better.” Once I lined up two other installers, I bounced back! Wanting sisal was not the only example of my going against the grain of the usual way of doing things. (I talk about my dowel search later.)

I finally ordered the carpet on August 5th, and was given tracking information – it was delivered to Phoenix on the 12th and scheduled for delivery on August 18! (OMG! I would be in New York.) Installation was scheduled for the 13th, as I was departing, east, on a jet plane on the 14th! Through a series of phone calls to the carpet company and the dispatcher, Nick, we collaborated to have the carpet delivered in the early part of the 13th. The installation was moved back a few hours. Later, when the driver of the 53-foot truck couldn’t navigate the narrow traffic circles near Sedona, he turned back toward his next stop. Sidney, a friend who’s lived in Sedona for three decades, guided Roberto (the truck driver) who was unfamiliar with this terrain. John, my carpet installer, offered to meet Roberto in Bell Rock Plaza, which has a large parking lot, to house the huge vehicle. (I want you to know that Sidney was delayed in reaching my home by a few hours. Had he not been with me, I don’t think I would have known what to tell Roberto. John is from a distant area, not familiar with Sedona.) I picked myself up off the metaphorical floor, feeling v-e-r-y grateful. At this point, I had the support of John, Nick, Roberto and Sidney. Without their assistance, the carpet could not have been installed while I was in town. That I depended on their wiliness to help me is an example of our being connected. I emphatically thanked them for their efforts.

There were other aspects of my home sprucing, which depended on others’ schedules and collaboration. David, who owns Malibu Construction, and Jim, his painter, worked diligently, taking two, full days to transform the walls in the master bath and bedroom, knowing that the carpet installation was awaiting their job completion. Drapes were cleaned (I had to drive 20 minutes to the Village of Oak Creek to find a shop that could turn them around in my time-frame)… a ceiling fan installed by David. Pottery Barn curtains were delivered to my doorstep the night before Sidney planned to install the rods to prop them. Whew, time was tight!

Let me share the situation with the ‘dowels,’ which are not popular for their use in displaying curtains. I wanted wood dowels for my shower and bedroom curtain rods, and let me tell you, it was a challenge to get brackets that come away from the wall (for the bedroom). From the milling department for the dowel, I searched in a separate section (rods and brackets) to find a Martha Stewart product, which was acceptable, in a different wood stain. At this point, I felt scared and alone. I was tired and off balance, and my energy was negative. Maybe it won’t look okay. At this shop, a man made fun of me. (My energy most likely attracted this.) Of course, others were kind, helpful, and giving of their time…some people were generous while others were meager. There were opportunities to be resentful, or to show, and receive compassion.

All of my redecorating plans came together in my two-week visit. Whew! A miracle? I kind of think so. I had faith that I would be supported in my efforts. I prayed, collected estimates and compassionately communicated with my contractors. This was my work, and it wasn’t easy. My co-creative prayer, to enlist the support of guides and angels, and to attract universal energy was “Thank you so much for the completion of this project.” “I am so grateful for the completion of this work while I am in Sedona.”

Today, August 18th finds me in Brooklyn. I resumed my total body conditioning class this morning, and could feel the difference that a two-week absence wreaks on my body. This afternoon, I plan to take my Dad to an eye-doctor appointment.

I feel alive and awake, enjoying the pleasant weather.

We still have more of summer available, and I plan to take it all in…….

Speak to you on September 1st, Labor Day.


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