“A true quantum state includes particles that are said to be in an entangled state. This is the only way to try to explain something that is ‘everywhere and nowhere at the same time.’ It is the basis for many of the quantum actions that appear to be random and not linear. When you have attributes that are everywhere at the same time, you can no longer separate them, count them, or interface them as you have in the past. All your linear rules of computation and/or geometry do not support something being ‘everywhere’” (p. 188, Kryon/Lee Carroll, “The Twelve Layers of DNA [An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within. Book Twelve], 2010, Platinum Publishing House, Sedona, AZ).

PROTON, a subatomic, positively charged, particle – measures 0.8768 fentometers in radius; a fentometer is a millionth of a billionth of a meter (The Huffington Post, 2014).

In “Dancing Wu Li Masters” (1979, Harper Collins) Gary Zukav interviewed renowned physicists to understand fundamentally important concepts. The conclusion of this award-winning book is that PROTONS THINK.

I recently became aware of the work of Lisa Randall Ph.D., “Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions” (Harper Perennial, 2006). In this mind-opening book, she, a physicist at Harvard, has created a theoretical model of extra dimensions, giving a spectacular description of unseen, varying configurations. Some are curled up tubes; others are limitlessly long, infinitesimally small, thin or geometrically shaped. Randall describes the work leading up to current theoretical beliefs within modern physics: relativity, quantum mechanics, principle uncertainty, particle physics, string theory, and, including ‘Proposals for Extra Dimensional Universes.’ Dr. Randall feels that physics is ‘creative’ and ‘fun.’ I’m with her there. And, she admits that she does believe that additional dimensions exist.

In the history of physics, phenomena have been discovered that were counterintuitive, with results that were unexplainable. Max Planck who suggested ‘…that the energy carried by light was discontinuous, didn’t believe in the reality of the light quanta that were implicit in his own idea. Albert Einstein, who suggested these quanta of light, didn’t know that their mechanical properties would permit them to be identified as particles –the photons we now know them to be’ (p. 10).

I first considered the possibility of multiple dimensions when reading “Conversations With God” (Neale Donald Walsch, Hampton Roads Publishing, 1995). It made sense to me that there would be other realities to support his dialogue with Creator (if you believe in the book’s premise. I do!) During this time (2001- 2009), I met men and women who were clairvoyants and mediums in the spiritual group on Long Island, NY and in Sedona, AZ. They accessed relevant, personal (to me) information from a source that was outside the realm of what we call usual thinking…Multiple dimensions help to explain their ability to receive information from ‘beyond the veil.’

Afterwards, I expanded my thinking to embrace complexities outside the 3D box which I now find confining. David Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. discussed morphogenic forces which affect our behavior, and asked about the matrix of what is known and unknown (Power vs. Force, 1998, Veritas Publishing, Sedona, AZ). Does this remind you of a great movie starring Keanu Reeves? #P We humans are really complex. Whew… And we humans live in an incredibly intricate, expanding universe. Does that mean that we are incredibly multifaceted? A wholehearted YES is my response. Does this mean that we can have complex experiences when we are willing to open up to our capability and environment? Pow! Slam! A magnificent YES is my answer….…once we develop self-love, which means a complete EGO (Remember, we always have to do the work. –More about this in future writings, I promise), and grounded sensibility, we are ready for this awareness…….to use our inner skills. As I wrote in the last blog (“Magic Carpet Ride”) we can reach into our quantum universe through quantum sound, which is, I believe, a passage way to pure awareness.

Let’s get back to Dr. Randall and other dimensions. She writes that Neils Bohr, the Danish physicist, found the human language to be inadequate to describe the ‘inner workings’ of the atom. He shared “how his models ‘had come to him intuitively…as pictures’ ” (p. 118). Randall shares that ‘quasi-crystals,’ which are set in 3 dimensional space, go off in other directions: the use of ‘extra’ dimensions is an elegant way to understand their properties. There is a parallel in the example of clairvoyants seeing the aura around our body, and the chakras within our body. Lee Carroll (channeled from Kryon) writes that we have energy, actually our soul, surrounding each of our cells – 50+trillion – that’s a lot of SOUL.

I love Randall’s statement: “More dimensions means freedom to move in a greater number of completely different directions” (p. 16). Since our universe mirrors us, I ask: “What does this afford us?” I would suggest: flexibility, hope, excitement, freedom and expansiveness to believe, act and grow into our skin (metaphorically); to have complex experiences, to learn, consciously, how to use more and more of our brain’s capacity…(“…we only understand about 10% of how it functions” www.scientificAmerican.com; DNA, explained, is 3% — what was called junk DNA is 97% unexplained, currently (Carroll, 2010). We have a lot of room to maneuver…

I would suggest that the creative process is a fine example of maneuvering: When I prepare to write my fortnightly blog, I remain open for a topic. Often, I’ll have an idea; I may wake up with it on my mind. Once I commit or focus on a concept, I remain open to what I remember is related to this concept. HERE is where it feels like my mind moves in a number of completely different directions. I feel that I am co-creating, which puts me into contact with the ‘infinite web’ — my term for pure awareness. I mentioned in my last blog that quantum sound can take us intro quantum experience; quantum thought, in my experience, accomplishes the same task. Whew! I got it out… This may be inspired by a conversation, or music, or something else! I let the idea float, sleep on it and then allow synchronicity (a confluence of events) to inspire me. On the Wednesday prior to the Monday posting, I hand write on loose-leaf paper, a few paragraphs…(I later type the post onto a ‘word’ document.) This process involves my being open (for inspiration) to moving in many different directions.

It is said that our brain receives 400 billion bits of information a second (“What the Bleep Do We Know,” 2004, the documentary). Why would our ‘brain’ have this capability? Can we develop the ability to harness or make sense of these data? (I have to joke about this. If you live in New York City, you know that you have to limit the stimulation from a city that never sleeps.) Let’s get back to possibility: If multiple dimensions do exist, do they, somehow, mirror back information to us, giving us a greater understanding of possibility? Original thinkers, like Eckhart Tolle, tell us that WE ARE LIFE, that we are not merely part of life. I would say that with quantum sound, or quantum thought, the synapses of our brain (which measure 1/1000 of an inch, said to be the jumping-off point to qualify for the tiny measurement of ‘quantumness’) join, reach out and into quantum sensibility, therefore, quantum experience. If we are quantum beings in a quantum world, can we look to modern physics to learn about our selves? Let me ask you: “Where do you weigh in on the POSSIBILITY of multiple dimensions?

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