“Magic Carpet Ride” – an Example of Quantum Music

Music by Steppenwolf, written by John Kay, Rushton John Moreve, Robert Clivilles, Byron Cole David; ©Polygram Music Publ., Edition Sharks’S Rocking, Duchess Music, David Cole Pub. Designee, Kings Road Music, WB Music)

NOTE: I think of quanta as small amounts of energy, that is, photons: plural, quantum)

Another 6 a.m. chat with my son led us to the topic of yes, you guessed it, Steppenwolf! I must say that my grown child knows much more about music than I. He would, as a teen, quiz me to see if I knew the names of the groups singing the songs. At five years of age, his daughter knew the first two lines of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog.” “Hey, hey mamma, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove…” (1971, ©Flames of Albion Music, Sony/ATV Music, (France) Sas, Yaya Tova, Hi Jack) I now have her play list on my ipod. It’s complex and cool.

Back to the Hermann Hesse-inspired rock band. My son suggested I listen to “Magic Carpet Ride” (He began singing it.) during my walk to my total-body-conditioning class. I did, and couldn’t stop. Throughout the day, I heard…

“I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine…”

I bopped down the street. Here, before having coffee, I was listening to psychedelic sound in a sober, sound state AND I was transported to another era.

“You don’t know what we can find (2nd chorus)

Why don’t you come with me, little girl

on a magic carpet ride…”

You probably know that many drugs were used in the 60s. Boomers wanted to escape despair and angst. I remember a wonderful story about Ram Dass, but don’t remember where I read it. Dass was experimenting with acid, I believe; he went to his guru and asked that he try the pills. The guru took all the drugs, but HIS AWARENESS WAS NOT ALTERED. Why? The guru’s mind was ALREADY EXPANDED. From that moment on, Dass turned his back on addictive or illegal substances. He realized that he didn’t need them to reach an altered state…to expand his mind. Rather, he looked within, meditated and readjusted his spiritual path. He continues to write. What an inspiration…

Human brains are wired in the same way. There are receptors, which can be turned on (pun intended) to produce bliss. Remember endorphins after exercise? The zone after yoga practice? The relaxed quietude after meditation? The peace after love-making?

We don’t really need drugs to reach an altered state IF we are willing to cultivate a healthy attitude and lifestyle, if we are willing to do the work. We always have to do the work! Bear with me as I share these elements of my position…that we can reach inside and feel bliss, naturally:

“Close your eyes girl (2nd and 3rd chorus)

Look inside girl…”

There is a similar message from Merlin the magician and poet who suggests we look inside, at all of us rather than the parts of ourselves:

“If you see aspects of yourself that you feel

are not pretty, and you lovingly allow them,

heaven knows your beauty grows.

Appreciate those aspects of self

Depreciation holds little worth.

…As you lovingly allow that which you would

rather not see, you will find yourself seeing

less and less of it.” Merlin on self-love—

Merlin (Marelin the Magician, 1998,

Serious Comedy Publ., Tujunga, CA)

I believe that psychedelic music changes the water inside of us.

Matsuro Emoto, Ph.D. researched the effects of music (sound) on water (“Hidden Messages in Water,” Beyond Worlds Pub., 2004) to find that music changes the molecules of water. This has implications for us, as we are approximately 70% salt water. We’re affected by sound, which is vibration. Emoto goes on to say that existence is vibration. I believe this to be true.

I have stated previously that our chakras range from A through G on the musical scale, and that my clairvoyant hairdresser used to comment on the ring of my chakras, that is, my sound! Poets and metaphysicians are stating that we ARE life. A scientist I know calls us complex, little oceans. Wow! Look—at—us–…

I believe that we are quantum capability, and we are in relation with a quantum world…

I believe that psychedelic music is ‘quantum sound’… It brings us to; it matches us in a quantum relationship with our universe.

In the 50s, Einstein called, quanta ‘spooky action at a distance.’ Was he frightened, or just amazed by the observation that the behavior of quanta (photons) was not explainable at the time? (NOTE: Max Born received the 1954 Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking research in quantum mechanics — Wikipedia, 2014. Quantum mechanics together with Einstein’s (my hero) theory of relativity is considered to be the benchmark of modern physics (history.com, 2014).

Psychedelic music was birthed (perhaps merely rediscovered) in the 60s before quantum physics was mainstream. And I don’t know whether others have written about our (through the synapses in our brain) quantum connection with music —– I would say that psychedelic music (quantum music) opens our mind, and is our personal, transport vehicle to a magical, mystical, beautiful, vibrational, electromagnetic world.

John Kay sings, “…Let the sound take you away.” (Last line of the last chorus) We don’t need drugs to do this…we adjust our frequency to relate, match…our environment…we open up to the wavelength of the music…and off we go

I don’t even need coffee (Shall I place a dot or a wave here)

Speak to you on May 26th


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