‘tis Better to Have Loved and Lost…’

“I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all. (Alfred Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam:27, 1855 www.poetryfoundation.org) Love is to be celebrated and nurtured, not taken for granted. Let’s remember that every moment is precious. Say, “I love you” in your special relationships, and be certain to extend this endearment to yourself (See blogs “The Power of Love” Sept. 24, 2013; “The Greatest Love Of All” January 20, 2014; “How do I love me…” Feb., 20, 2014) because life is to be savored at each turn! There is a special saying written on a greeting card. A kitten is sitting in a gift box. Inside the caption reads: ‘Live in the present.’ The message is: It is truly a gift to focus on the present moment (by Leslie Monk Murray, ©Design Design, Inc. Many of us acknowledge that time is flying. It’s actually speeding up…where is it going? If I said that linear time is giving way to a different model, would it scare you? I don’t mean to shock anyone, yet others have suggested that we are moving to ‘all time is happening right here, right now.’ In 1983, Stuart Wilde (“Miracles” Hay House) wrote that ‘…within Universal Law, there is no time.’ Also, when clairvoyants reach into the other realm, they describe a sphere, a reality – like quantum physics — where there are many possibilities to choose from. It is their task to use discernment to describe what is relevant and appropriate to share with us. Living, really being alive, allows us to sense beauty as well as pain. Grasping a rose, I may prick my finger on its thorn. Feeling love for someone leaves me vulnerable, opening my resonant heart to possibilities, which can sting and even devastate. I can feel abandoned by someone in an instant, through their loss of interest or their passing over to the other realm! The Marsanico family experienced the transition of one of our young members, in his sleep…at 33 years of age…He was brilliant, aspiring, and very loved. Like yesterday he was born, so adorable and fragile in our midst. I remember the last time I spoke to him on the telephone. I thought he was his father, and he told me: ‘This is Junior.’ I savor that moment when I felt the energy of his being – bright and loving – as it surged through the phone lines. I’ve always said that much can happen on the NYC subway without notice. On Thursday morning as I made my way to my office, tears came to my eyes as I lovingly thought of my nephew. As I brushed the salty liquid from my face, a man of color noticed me, perhaps sharing an instant of knowing my sadness… We are all heartbroken, though comforting each other with huge amounts of compassion and togetherness. His parents are deeply bereft, still partially in shock. We bury him today. Speak to you on April 14th – Linda

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