It is Friday morning as I begin to write. The street landscape from my living room is frosted with snow which fell on a sleepy New York City. Two of my window panes are framed on their lower portion with a 4” line of snow. It is beautiful! Will my yoga class meet? Will I take my car or ride the F train to Manhattan for a bit of shopping? Oh, decisions of the simple kind!

From my meditations, readings and discussions with spiritual friends, I believe that 2014 is an important possibility for us. It is a year of prospect…for growth and transcendence…Universe gives us huge support for our compassionate efforts, so that our manifestations and co-creations are powerfully charged. We are vigorously growing energies through our collaborations with others who know how to use this force!

Numerologists calculate this year as a 7 (2+0+1+4=7). The number 7 has meaning in our culture, for example: 7 days a week; 7 colors in the rainbow; 7 seas; 7 continents; 7 wonders of the world; 7 sacraments (Catholicism); 7 main chakras; 7 notes in the musical scale (A through G); 7, the uniform number for Mickey Mantle; 7 is the neutral point on the pH scale (1-14); 7 is the maximum number of VHF broadcast channels open in TV markets in the US; and there are so many more examples of the importance of 7 (Wikipedia, 2013). I would say that 7 can be the end of a phase or life cycle. There is a fertility about this number, so let’s utilize its potential.

We can ‘demand excitement’ in our lives (Quan Yin through Laura Lizak). With this mind-set we can create enthusiasm and ‘play.’ Children know how to be happy. They laugh, romp, squeal with joy. I ask myself when is the last time I did so? Does this sound ridiculous?

I don’t compose resolutions, but, going forward, I do want to be buoyant. ‘Play’ includes creation, a surrender to spontaneity, and going with the flow. It will be fun fantasizing, planning and, yes, being full of life. Perhaps I’ll travel to Sedona more often; dance as if no one is watching; giggle (good for my complexion). It will be cool to contemplate my growing amusement.

I’ve made a decision to post my blog every fortnight (U.K. — a period of 14 days) rather than weekly. This will allow time for me to playfully edit other writings and joyfully create new content. Until January 20th… Keep warm!


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