Jump for Joy

“It’s easier than ever to jump for joy.” (Quan Yin through Laura Lizak)

So why don’t we?

  • we don’t know how
  • we throw ourselves into one of the ‘isms: work, alcohol, etc.
  • we add suffering to our pain
  • we’re afraid

Any of these non-joyful responses keep us embedded in a kind of dulled experience because we turn away from our personal mirror through which we can view ‘who we are.’ This is opposite from maintaining a ‘relentless pursuit’ of self-truth, the necessary ingredient for self-love.

Our personal mirror reflects for us –all of us, and soon the so-called negative aspects fall away. (See blog, July 29, “The World Is A Magical Place” for Merlin’s words.) Here, viewing ourselves wholly, we conserve our energy because we are not invested in tucking away information (Freud called our hiding: repressing, denying, etc.). We have more energy for creation.

Let’s remember that light is more powerful than dark. When we enter a darkened room with a candle, we light up the space. The choice is ours to focus on illumination! (See blog, Nov. 11, “My Software Change,” for a description of clarity inside and outside of me.) Likewise, we can choose the compassion.love wavelength over the chaos-negative one. Yes, in our daily decisions we can choose love over fear. (Poets have written about this for years.) In this process, we have the capacity to grow love, love, love. “All you need is love,” (The Beatles, 1967); “Oh, what a feeling,”(Irene Cara, Flashdance, 1983). Yes, bliss emerges…“I’m hooked on that feeling,” (B.J. Thomas, 1968, re-recorded by Blue Suede, 1974).

“No one is immune from the effects of enlightenment energy.” (Quan Yin through Laura Lizak) This powerful force is flooding the planet, and it illuminates our issues so that we can work through them. (At some point, we may decide to consult a licensed counselor.) When we go with this momentum, this flood of light, we have help from Universe to tackle, grow, let go — If we resist, or pushback rather than flow with it, we feel the sting of resistance, (i.e., adding suffering to our pain) and we may go into crisis.

Light is flowing. People everywhere are talking about time speeding up. Speed up…Time…Light…Flow. Is it any wonder that our world is in tumult? Whoa! Let’s slow down for a minute! We have a choice here. If we choose the quickening pace of light and time, there is a place of joy and excitement! “There is a place…I’ll take you there,” (The Staple Singers, 1972, writer Al Bell). Now, we are opting for fourth dimensional experience, kind of like surfing the electromagnetic wave.

I’m headed for the beach……

Until next week,


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