Dimensional Restructuring

As I sat in The Field one day during the first week in December, the weather in Sedona was rainy and gray. It lasted all morning, and was conducive to my task of re-editing my writing. I could still view the beautiful red rocks in the distance.

I had planned a healing session with Quan Yin for two important reasons:

1. Her powerful sessions provide ‘dimensional restructuring.’

2. I had questions about the effects of this restructuring on the physical body (See blog, Nov. 19, “My Expanding Molecules.”)

Wow! The two-plus hour session was extraordinary. We began with my posing the question, and I recorded her response.

Dimensional restructuring softens the heart area, expanding it open, creating a portal for other people to carry these powers into the world. The heart beat becomes stronger, seeping to every pore and cell. Energy, like a vortex, comes through the feet; the eyes, hands and feet have more energy. Creation is circulating in the body.

Levels of consciousness are upgraded. We are changed by the energy systems. With a softening heart we let go of hardships and want to help people; we have more time for others. When individuals who know how to use this energy come together, they GROW this force which is circulated into the earth. This is a powerful experience which leads us to compelling creational abilities. (Talk about co-creating!!!)

It is not necessary to fully understand the specifics of what happens. In fact, Quan Yin does not really focus on the science of this powerful experience. She does say that sometimes it is transmuting (i.e., shifting negative energy out of our system) while at other times it is empowering us.

I am told it is easy and exciting to use this power which is developing in everyone’s body…to circulate this into the earth…to create enlightened support…which increases in the heart of other people. We nurture this vigor, together, from our heart space. The enlightenment energy (e.e.) meditation is a fine example. Take the e.e. in from the top of your head, bringing it down through your body, grounding it into mother earth (Gaia) where you share the e.e. with all beings on earth, at all times, in all situations. (I can feel the e.e. flow as I write this.)

Let’s remember what Quan Yin tells us: there is no one who is immune from the effects of enlightenment energy. I think this is cause for celebration. Let’s put our boogie shoes on! “Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music…Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music……Come to the Celebrity Ball“ (Three Dog Night, lead singers — Danny Hutton, Corey Wells, Chuck Negron; Jimmy Greenspoon, organ; Joe Schermie, bass; Michael Allsup, guitar; Floyd Sneed, drums; written by: A. J. Preyan, R.M. James, D. Carter, Talib Kweli Greene,1975).

Here is Laura Lizak’s website information:

www.quanyincenter.org/private_sessions.htm OR creation@quanyincenter.org

Until next week.


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