My Expanding Molecules?

Some Buddhists embrace chaos and become one with it. This seems like a variation on the theme of connectedness. (Let’s remember, we are all connected…) In last week’s blog I wrote about feeling more lucid after I found compassion for myself, Oscar and the would-be hackers. My inner clarity was reflected outside of me as I walked in Soho, NYC.

A few days later, Elyce, my yoga teacher, spoke of the boundary between us and not us…the outside of us, and the ‘I.’ As she spoke the words, I felt an ever so subtle sensation near my heart, as though my body opened up; or that something in me expanded. What happened?

Gregg Braden believes that with the discipline of compassion we are able to tap into the upper reaches of our DNA (“Walking Between The Worlds. The Science of Compassion, Radio Bookstore Press, 1997) What would Gregg say about how we experience these changes in the physical body?

We are in an expanding universe. All energy is eternal. Did I expand something……because of the work I did to reach compassion? Did my energetic vibration shift to more light?

If there are any physicists in the house, I would appreciate hearing your take on this!

Laura Lizak weighs in. When I meditate with Laura who channels Quan Yin, ‘dimensional restructuring’ occurs within the body because of the process of enlightenment energy streaming through the body. With this restructuring, I wonder if my molecules spread out. I’ll have to ask Laura. (When the enlightenment energy courses through the body, we ground the energy into the core of Gaia, sharing the energy ‘with all beings on earth, at all times, and in all situations.’

It is in the sharing that we receive great benefit. This is the process.)

Did my vibration shift as my compassion grew. My understanding is that this does, in fact, occur. Perhaps the boundary between me and not me blurred or smudged so that I’ve become more ‘at one’ with the collective ‘us.’ If this is true, what bodily changes occur with this shift? If there are any physicists in the house, I would really like to hear your take on this!

This is the first time I consciously remember this faint occurrence. And, since I perceived it this one time, will I be more aware of the physical sensations which accompany this phenomenon? Have others felt this? I’ve really asked a lot of questions today.

I think I like it……and I will keep you posted……as I make my way.

You can see that I’ve expanded my usual 3 dots to 6……J

Until next week,


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