Lessons from Water

Tuesday, October 29th was the first anniversary of super storm Sandy which devastated so many communities along the Atlantic Coastline. That Tuesday was a day I will remember, like the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated (see blog dated June 24th), and September 11, 2001. I remember where I was, and what I felt upon hearing the sad news….

After September 11, I felt the need to connect with a group bigger than I am, an organization that is collaborative. I joined the Park Slope Food Co-op which has been in existence since 1973 (the oldest food co-op in the United States). I wanted to feel connected, and I DO. Prior to, and around the time of this membership, I had also begun to meditate, being part of the Long Island spiritual group.….which gave me great comfort.

We can learn about connection from Hurricane Sandy according to Jill Lauri, a good friend of mine. Jill, an animal intuitive, receives messages from the animal kingdom, especially from whales and dolphins who are highly evolved beings. She writes about spiritual communication in her article which was published in “The Wave”, a newspaper for Rockaway residents. See http://www.rockawave.com/news/2013-10-18/Columnists/Its_My_Turn.html

I remind myself to consider the spiritual perspective for potential explanations during times of challenge. These situations are part of my personal tutorial which helps me reach a kind and loving understanding — on my path to compassion and enlightenment.

Jill’s article soothes me as I continue to make sense of Sandy’s devastation. Check out her website .HealingWithAnimals.com Reminding us to be upbeat, she says ‘…let’s adopt a spirit of play in everything we do…’ This is sound advice…

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