Creating a Newly-Designed Software Program for Our Brain

Can you believe I’m writing about manifesting again? And, what does a newly-designed software program have to do with manifesting? This will soon be revealed!

We function in the third-dimensional world with our body and ego, but there is more to us… We are more than our physical body and psychological, thinking ego. Our body is essential because it houses our spirit; and keeping ourselves healthy makes very good sense because health brings physical comfort and ease.

Some groups would disagree with me, but I do believe we need our ego — a developed ego which can work hand in hand with our heart. The heart-ego is a well-developed tool for compassion. (See my blog, “A Journey From My Primitive Brain To The Evolved Brain, May 6th)

In last week’s blog (“Conscious Manifesting”) I mention “The lack of alignment within our personality keeps us back from joyful attainment.” What is a broadcast journalist to do about this? We cultivate a relentless pursuit to get to know ourselves well. How?

We are reminded to lovingly allow ourselves to see what we prefer not to see; we then see less of it (Merlin, 1998). As children, we bury the painful, what we consider, unacceptable parts of ourselves, into the unconscious mind. Our mirror (our conscious mind) is incomplete because of this burying tactic. Through this selective mirror, we see only a part of our selves. Our task is to view our whole self as we truly are, through a filter of unconditional love. We are the ONLY ONES who can accomplish this. No one can do this for us!

We can begin the process of increasing self knowledge by observing our thoughts (with the observing ego). Once recognized, our thoughts will show us what needs our attention. We also will want to speak to ourselves, internally, as a loving parent would; as we would want our parents to speak to us, thereby replacing critical self dialog with nurturing words. This takes work. (I know from experience) We are now in a position to design our new software. How?

These are a few strategies:

  • Recite Quan Yin’s enlightenment meditation:

Take the enlightenment energy in through your crown

chakra, bring it through your body and into the core

of mother earth (gaia) sharing it with all beings on earth

at all times and in all situations. In this sharing, we receive

great spiritual benefit!

  • Meditate for guidance (how to proceed) from Universe
  • Keep thoughts on a positive track, replacing negative ones
  • Stay in the NOW
  • Surround self with positive friends; the energy is uplifting
  • Keep balanced and centered
  • Remember that spirituality is all about us on our journey
  • Remember that compassion is an every-day experience
  • If an issue comes up where help is needed, consult with a

licensed professional for a time-limited period (remember that

we are our own ‘expert’)

With conscious awareness of who we are, that is, knowing ourselves, we are able to change (unhealthy) habitual behavior patterns. We choose new ways to react to old situations. In this way we replace behaviors we find to be unacceptable, with a newly designed software program (a new series of behaviors) for our brain. We are now poised to manifest our desires clearly, sending Universe consistent messages, becoming successful broadcast journalists!

There is unlimited abundance in the Universe. When having material possessions is an expression of my love and compassion, I am part of a much greater process which is based on a loving energetic structure. If, for example, I manifest a home, I will feel good once I reside in it because it comes from a loving foundation.

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