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Our day-to-day mindset (internal dialog) as well as our interactions with family, neighbors, co-workers – all comprise the process of our journey. It is on this playground that we, as broadcast journalists of our unique vibrational signature, manifest our desires, whether positive or negative.

Compassion (moment to moment and in the aggregate), or the lack of it – on the negative continuum – is an everyday experience. What do we wish to broadcast interactionally and vibrationally? And, will it be love? Yes, it is a decision, a series of decisions.

Let’s put manifesting under a magnifying glass to emphasize the potency of energetic communication. If we are unaware of our communicative abilities, we still manifest and attract ‘whatever’ into our lives because when we unconsciously send out negative energy, it attracts similar energy. Negative thought becomes matter and we, literally, attract it into our lives.

I don’t know anyone who truly wants to attract negative situations into their lives, yet this happens if and when we operate unconsciously. We make decisions without our conscious approval, so to speak. The lack of alignment within our personality keeps us back from joyful attainment. And, we can lose faith in our ability to make appropriate choices when we consciously want one thing, and unconsciously create something which contradicts what we feel is appropriate.

What is a broadcast journalist to do? (psst…that’s all of us…)

We make an intention to do something different by paying attention to our thoughts. How? By stepping back and observing (psychologists call this the observing ego). Staying in the NOW, the present moment, allows us to observe our thoughts. This is a major accomplishment because we are onto ourselves at this point: we become aware of the ‘tape of chatter’ (this originates in our childhood unconscious) which internally speaks to our 50+ trillion cells, and externally communicates with the collective consciousness!

Through meditation, we understand that we are much more than our thoughts. Our access to our heart, and Higher Self, occurs in the space of the higher mind. Acknowledging the ‘chatter’ acquaints us with the very dynamics we need to get beyond. Our ‘stuff’ is on the table, and we can replace this silt with the flow of our newly designed, creative software program for our brain.

Just to reiterate, the intention to be mindful of our internal ‘chatter’ is a very big step in clearing the way to consciously manifesting, because this ‘chatter’ is usually negative, muddying the water of our sending clear messages to manifest our desires. Once we are aware of this phenomenon, we can change it.

More about this next week…


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