Manifesting Your Desires

The art and science of manifesting has been written about recently by many including Rhonda Byrne, (“The Secret”) and Jerry and Ester Hicks, (“The Law of Attraction”) both in 2006. This concept has been around for eons, and has been harnessed by many powerful people.

In manifesting, we use the law of attraction to bring desired attainments into our lives. We reach into the energy of Universe with our thoughts and feelings (with strong intent) and visualize the desired goal. The law of attraction links our energy to the energy of Universe: we send our positive yearnings and these attract similar energy – more positive energy – and the desired goal. Of course, when we send out negative thoughts and feelings, we attract negative energy, lack versus abundance.

For the positive experience, we visualize our desire: a new job, a home, some kind of abundance, and hold it in our mind with strong thought, feeling and intent. We thank our Creator, in advance, for it is already ours. Remember quantum physics. We lock into the option of the desired goal, eliminating other options. (see “Peace Train” Blog, July 15). In our imagination, we have the object we desire, and we persistently hold this scenario in our mind. Through the law of attraction, thought becomes matter, and brings the goal into our life.

If I am looking for a new job, it is up to me to complete the necessary work. I update my resume,’ send the resume’ to job offerings which match my credentials, while holding the most wonderful job in mind. I make myself available for interviews and prepare for them.

The plot thickens. If I am not clear about my goal; if I feel unworthy; if I stay in lack, I cancel out my efforts, muddying the water of creation, because I send out mixed, unclear messages. Universe will not know how to respond because I am communicating: I want this. No, I don’t want this. I feel worthy of this. I don’t deserve this.

If I resonate with the lack of what I want, I will manifest this lack rather than the abundant choice I have in mind. When I first think of the situation I desire, I long for it, but it is essential to shift from this longing to a stance of visualizing the desired situation. In this way, through this shift, I step into the abundance of having the situation. Let me emphasize that we put this positive energetic vibration out to Universe to attract the same energy. Let us remember that our energy output will attract energy of the same vibration.

A caveat: I frequently caution myself about my attainment of materials things. While they can and do create comfort and security, happiness enters our life as a byproduct of a compassionate journey. “Enjoy the journey, for the attainment of the goal is short-lived”(Merlin, 1998). Our journey involves our day-to-day internal and interpersonal actions.

Manifestation can be linked to our spiritual journey when we balance our desired goals with love and compassion, using the heart-ego (see “From My Primitive Brain To My Evolved Brain” – May 6th Blog) as we make decisions. Let us be mindful that our decisions build the tapestry of who we become. Our decisions create the path of our journey… More about this next week…


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