Albert, Mary and Merlin

“Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny

Makes a bee think of honey just as I think of you.”

(Released separately by Glenn Miller; Tommy Dorsey, in the same year -1940)

Einstein told us that imagination is more important than intelligence.

Merlin awakens us: Know that your imagination creates all things you call ‘real’. When you fully sense the unlimited power of your imagination, you recognize that you are truly living your dream. The more consciously you experience this dream, the more your dreams become your conscious experience (Merlin The Magician, 1998)

Jean-Yves Leloup writes: “For the creative imagination is not so named with some metaphysical intent, nor in a spirit of fiction, but in the full sense of the term: The imagination creates, and is universal creation itself. (“The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Inner Traditions, 2002).

Leloup further shares: “…those who desire to understand nature and world events must learn to dream before learning to think…” Also, it has been suggested that the “…imagination is the sympathetic resonance of the invisible and the visible, of the spiritual and the physical.”

Let me say that imagination is infinite. We tap into this vastness because energy is in a constant state of flow to us and from us. It is how we ‘surf these waves’ that determines what we bring into our life. What we send out on these waves of energy comes back to us riding on the same, like energy waves. Positive comes back positive while negative attracts negative. For positive fulfillment, we’ll surf these waves with self-love. Self-love develops (with compassion) as we complete our daily work on the spiritual path. Self-love allows our message to be clear: we send a high vibrational wave that is not intermingled with confusion, fear, doubt, anger, etc. This high vibrational wave attracts other high vibrational waves. Universe can work its magic on our desires when we announce them clearly.

When we possess self-love and compassion we attract love and compassion because we ‘energetically experience them within.’ Merlin emphasizes: “NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU. EVERYTHING HAPPENS THROUGH YOU.”

We can enjoy the gifts that we have. Merlin commends us to point the magical wand only in the direction of our desires! We can do this with love and compassion.


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