I Forgot All About Merlin

I forgot all about Merlin. My friend, Anita, emailed a few of his poems, and I was off to the races, remembering how I love him and his work. Merlin the magician, is one of my favorite masters. His energy (49 different rays) comprises the Vortex® discipline which I studied in 2005. He was, and is, a powerful presence since the days of King Arthur and the time of Camelot. As I do, he values playing, telling us to play without stopping.

I learned that “Marelin the Magician,” (Serious Comedy Publications, Tujunga, Ca) the book containing his beautiful words, is out of print. Searching many new and used book stores both on-line and physical, I ordered it, paying handsomely, from Abe Books. It arrived…finalement/enfin…I felt like a child at Christmas. His words flow…poetically; his paragraphs feel like strands of gold, transformed through alchemy from silver. He dedicates the book to Finnian the Magician and all of us, both women and men, “…who want to integrate more of the life-giving feminine principle…through which all creation comes into being.” Later, he states: “I am Marelin the Magician, and you dear fellow creator, are a magician as well.” Well, here we go. Imagine wrapping my mind around this statement that I am a magician!

He continues: the Law of Attraction “…is unemotional. It does not matter to this law that is constantly, continuously in effect, what you do that causes it to show itself to you. The law merely brings you the self you are saying you are…through these waves of energy produced by thoughts.” He urges us to point our magical wand ONLY in the direction of our desires. “Creativity has never been about things coming to you. Things come to you ‘through’ your creativity.”

I will say that we must develop our thoughts consciously so that our desires are clear and untangled with unconscious debris which motivates our thinking beyond our conscious control. A fine example of this concept is Susan, a woman I met recently who learned to bend a metal rod with her focus. As soon as she lost focus – started thinking instead of remaining beyond her thoughts – the power was lost.

Merlin says: “The physical realm is a plentiful playground”

I say: I love that he is playful.

M: “ You are the physical connection to matches made in heaven.”

I: We are an integral aspect of work in process in the other realm.

M: “Give your sole (soul) attention to the current of joy from the unseen dimension.”

I: Merlin directs us to our relationship with universe.

M: “To resonate with joy, allow yourself to become one with your desire.”

I: Singleness of intent requires us to have our conscious and unconscious minds in alignment. This singleness lifts us to an step in manifesting our dreams. And parallels ‘the force being with us, because we are the force.

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