A Mind at Peace

…a mind not wishing to harm anyone, is the most powerful force in the universe (Wayne Dyer, Hay House).

A feeling of peace starts in the heart (which is said to have more neurons than our brain), travels to the brain and gets transmitted to each of our 50+ trillion cells. Let me add that the heart beats to the pulse of the earth. Gregg Braden has been reporting this heart-earth connection for years. We radiate this peace energy through our spiritual broadcasting equipment to our connected brothers and sisters; that means all of us!

We find wonderful examples of peace in the perfect balance of nature, in its infinite variety. We see peace in the potential of our body to be balanced and healed…in the gaze of an infant…in the effect of a blowing breeze on grass; and on our face and hair…in cooperation and collaboration amongst people…in the movement of a body of water. I would say that peace is the natural, unadulterated state of our nature and environment. Peace is a lotus flower.

Peace is beautiful. Peace is quiet. Peace is the road to enlightenment and ascension. We are happy when we are peaceful. Oh! What a lovely state of being peace is.

A state of peace has our immune system in a very healthy position where it is poised to protect us from infection and disease. Peace comes from a deep part of who we are, and gets communicated outwardly through our ‘vibrational tonalities’ (the phrase authored by Michael Beckwith).

The Italians call it pace; the French, paix, Intuitively, we each know the sensibility…in any language, peace is the road, the direction, the way to go…everywhere…


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