The Ripple Effect

We make decisions all day long. Since we decide how to think and act toward others, and ourselves as we go about our day, compassion is a continuous possibility. When we choose love (compassion is composed of this) over fear, we use an effective cognitive-emotional-energetic strategy, and there is so much to gain: our love energy attracts similar energy! Our 50+ trillion cells carry this information which results from the aggregate of our moment-to-moment reactions. Our energetic vibration is broadcast outward for all to feel. This is energetic social media in action!

There is research about our internal environment. Water changes on the molecular level when exposed to a loving, or angry sound (sound is vibration). Since our makeup is approximately 70% water, this is so for us as well: our inner environment (the water in our cells) feels this loving or negative vibe (Masaru Emoto, ‘Hidden Messages in Water,’ 2004).

Our beliefs (the environment of our inner dialog and its effect on our cells) create either levels of health or levels of disorder (Bruce Lipton, ‘The Biology of Belief, 2005) within the body.

Positive changes in our attitudes and behavior lead to levels of health while a ‘negative world view’ over time, leads to illness (David Hawkins, ‘Power vs. Force,’ 1995).

I was awakened to the fact that we are capable of being in charge of our health on all levels when I read the above listed books, and Braden’s ‘Awakening to Zero Point’ (1993). The key is developing compassion, a process involving our cognitive-emotional-energetic capacities. However, our cultural milieu rallies against this potential, relying on the notion that someone else can restore our health by curing symptoms. This medicinal remedy has its time and place, though.

If we are willing to explore a different level of understanding, healing is possible. (see Hawkins). The decision to cure a symptom versus heal the disorder resides on two different levels of experience and possibility. I am awed by the complexity of our mind.body.spirit multidimensionality. We can keep this design in mind, even if we’re not ready to embrace it for ourselves. No worries, we can remember that if we are not ready to implement ‘healing’ presently, the choice is ahead of us.

Let’s get to the ripple effect. Throw a pebble into the water and see that the stone creates concentric circles. I believe the ripple-water effect mirrors in our bodies at the molecular level: when we are angry our 50+ trillion cells carry this anger; when loving, our cells reflect that, too. Our vibration broadcasts this message for all to feel. Might we say that our anger or love is the pebble inside of our body which creates our energetic, vibrational signature (sent to all) — our external pebble? The internal ripple becomes the wavelength of the consciousness.

Gandhi urged us to “be the change we wish to see.” This water-ripple phenomenon allows us to accomplish this. Creating positive internal AND external energy has this effect!

I’ll be writing more about this as we go forward. ‘Till next Monday.


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