‘Good Vibrations’ —Beach Boys, Circa 1960s

My former hairdresser, who is clairvoyant, commented on my vibration. He said something like “You’re really feeling good today; I hear your chakras.” (He was referring to seven cone-shaped, spinning, energetic portals, which extend down the middle of the body, and interdimensionally, outward) Isn’t it incredible that we inherently possess a musical scale from A through G – the seven sounds of the chakras?! And that it is heard clearly by clairvoyants, and felt subliminally by all. These sounds are vibrations, our vibe which goes where we go.

This becomes part of our connection to the collective consciousness. Perhaps this is one reason why music is a universal language: we feel the music and the lyrics have an energy, too. The African-American community knew about vibe miles before I understood this level of communication. My elementary school, located near to where Malcolm X once lived, was racially integrated so I must have heard about vibe from my classmates and friends. I understood it superficially then.

The sound and beat (vibration) of positive music balances the chakras, making us feel good; moreover, the vibe is beneficially felt by the water in each of our cells (see blog 5.13.13).

Vibe (associated with soul) is exemplified by many musical artists from mid-century (1950) to the present: Otis Redding; the Isley Brothers stand out. Later, Michael Jackson sang “…Share the beat of love…” (“Rock With You,” 1979); Sixto Rodriguez asks us to “…Climb upon my music and my songs will set you free…” (“Coming From Reality,” 2010 Album – originally released in 1971 – see the film “Searching For Sugarman”). Vibe is an example of our multidimensional voice, distinctively held by each of us. Of course, we are all unique, and we have our ‘vibrational tonalities’ (Michael Beckwith, 2007, on The Oprah Show). They represent our spiritual signature. I want to call them a particulate of our spiritual expression. Vibration is our interpersonal calling card – representing our state of being – right here, right now!

Here we are — broadcast journalists — whether people hear or sense our message. We can become attracted to, or put off by others because of their vibe. Others do the same with us. As for me, I’m attracted to the love beat…and I “Gotta keep those loving good vibrations a happenin…” (Beach Boys) for all to hear or sense. In the metaphor, as well as literally, it’s a song and a dance, and I’m lovin’ it.


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