Compassion as The Music of The Soul

How do I go with the flow? The flow is a journey, without resistance, in the NOW moment…where we feel a gentle music…realize an inner knowing… I think of us in the medium (which is the ether – see “The Divine Matrix,” Gregg Braden, 2007) of this flow which is air…music…energy…; it is metaphysical and ethereal rather than physical.

I recognize the palpability of the NOW moment because I am learning that it is peaceful, quiet, subtle yet powerful and expansive…it is a connection to All That Is!

What assists me in reaching this frequency?: self love (which includes self awareness), music, connection with Higher Self, a sense of humor, good friends, meditation and mantra. We tune into the NOW wavelength like an old fashioned radio dial tunes us into the station of our choice.

Presently, there are two major levels of experience and focus. One level is filled with what is positive and joyful, due to our focused efforts in compassion and love, while the other plane is consumed with chaos and negativity. It’s our choice to decide which reality we will feed, something like our view of the glass being half full vs. half empty. Our worldview is key here because energy attracts like energy – a law of physics. I want to attract good things into my life, and so a positive worldview and positive outgoing energy will accomplish that. Life will always present us with challenges, though. Buddhists tell us that both joy and chaos come into our lives. When joy appears, celebrate it. When chaos arrives, acknowledge it and let it go – don’t add suffering to the pain.

Music and dance are helpful here, both in the metaphor and literally. When we dance we move in the medium (the ether) which supports our electromagnetic makeup. We are energetically predisposed to music with our A through G internal scale (see blog 5.20.13). What we are exposed to in the external environment greatly affects our biochemistry, our homeostasis: external sounds (this can be the vibration of people and situations) change the water in our cells (see blog 5.13.13). What we say to ourselves (our internal dialog) has a similar effect.

We have decisions to make about the kind of vibe we choreograph. We can be loving rather angry and there are 50+ trillion reasons (the number of cells in the body) to choose the vibe carefully. Music can be a teacher, a pied piper of inspiration which, of course, touches us at a very deep level. Let’s not forget that the music of our inner dialog…our worldview…the words of our friends…the work we choose…the food we eat — feed the internal chords which connect to, and create the heart and harp of the person we wish to become! Let’s play well.


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