Moving on From Grand Central

I spent my last Wednesday near Grand Central:

Protected by the high ceiling; Embraced by the brick wall;

Touched by the wood floors;

Graced by my clients who bared their souls to my confidential ear and compassionate heart;

Supported by colleagues who figured out a solution for removing a cabinet;

Nourished by the delicious food I brought for snacks, breakfast and lunch; Disappointed that the landline had no dial tone;

Grateful for my cell phone;

Saddened by the loss of my beloved space;

Excited…rather, learning to be excited for the new experiences awaiting me;

An interesting thing happened on Wednesday: the window looking out onto 41st Street was almost completely covered by a tarp which, of course, darkened the office. I spent the day without natural light. My colleague who shares this view in the next office had no tarp on her window. I wonder about this? Is there a metaphor for me to decipher? Was I becoming blocked from the light (in the spiritual sense) in this office?I wonder about my Wednesdays where I’ll have time to write, edit and study social media. This is a work in progress as I create my path.

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