Love as A Wavelength

At fifteen feet of glory, a most magnificent, pink magnolia tree grabbed my attention on Monday morning after Yoga class. I had a complete view of it from across the street. There I stood admiring nature’s fine work when a woman came up to me, commenting on my tree gazing. She told me that I was a woman after her own heart, adding that the tree was, indeed, beautiful. As she walked away she said: ‘I like you. Have a good day.’ Warm comments like these feel like a burst of love, and I embrace them. Have you had someone smile at you for no apparent reason on the street, on the subway or in a shop? On my ride home Thursday night, a tall man dressed in Buddhist garb, replete with beads at his wrists, bowed for me to go first onto the train. I smiled and boarded the car. Near the doors, he bent down to pray (I think), stood up and squatted once again. Eventually the man took a seat directly across from me and read a book. As I neared my stop, he warmly smiled at me, and I smiled back. Another burst of love. I was fairly tired after a long day, yet the smile invigorated me. It’s Friday morning now and I sit in my living room gazing at ornamental pear trees whose white flowers dance in the breeze. A bird swoops in and then out of my sight, followed by a graceful squirrel scampering up a main limb. Oh, there he goes, down the same path. I have an epiphany. It occurs to me that nature’s vibration is love. To feel the love energy, my receptors must be poised to receive it. My mind needs to be clear. It’s like adjusting the dial to a particular signal or frequency. There’s no static and the message can be heard distinctly. Potential bursts of love encircle me. When receptive, as in being on the appropriate wavelength, I reap the benefit of this essential energy. In the last seven days, I have experienced the commenting woman, the magnolia, and pear trees, the Buddhist man, the bird and squirrel embracing me. I’m so glad I tuned into this wonderful wavelength and these bursts of love. Linda

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