Spring by Any Other Name Is Still Spring

I have always liked spring. It arrives after the coldness of winter, bringing longer days where we bask in the light. Two weekends ago, we were asked to ‘spring forward’ in time: to put our clocks one hour ahead. I felt tired with this shift but it is in the service of having brighter days which I prefer. Last Wednesday was the first official day of spring. The weather will soon catch up and we will be launched into temperate days with chirping birds and budding flowers and trees. The flora and fauna come alive. The air will brush our skin gently while the sun nourishes us. Let’s look at this metaphor. As the days expand, in my emotional, spiritual spring, what will I plant? What do I want in my garden? With love as a context, I want to develop relationships and be authentic in my interactions; to reach out in social arenas. I want to nurture my book which needs a publisher, and requires some editing (like weeding). I’ll continue to write my blog honestly (like planting and fertilizing). I’d like to share an example of my challenge to plant compassion. On Wednesday in my office, workmen were drilling on the building’s façade. I could see them on the scaffolding where they could look into my office, and see me, and my clients’ backs. Late afternoon, during two sessions, the drilling, periodically, was so loud my clients and I had to yell to be heard. (I’m not exaggerating!) At certain moments I felt flashes of anger because the noise seemed like an assault and intrusion into my usually, very quiet space. When the anger flashed, I said to myself: “They’re doing their job.” and the anger left me. I repeated this mantra every time anger flashed and I was able to keep from feeling or feeding the anger. I replaced the anger with a reality for which I feel compassion. This reality worked better than anger because it kept me where I want to be, in compassion. As I was packing up to leave the office, one of the workmen looked up from the scaffolding, into my window and warmly smiled at me. I smiled back. This was a joyful and loving moment. Had I been huffing and puffing about the drilling, I do believe he would have felt the negativity. His smile confirmed to me that I had stayed positive and shared loving energy. On this first day of spring there was an opportunity to show compassion and fertilize it. There will be many opportunities to share it again. I want my garden to be peppered with love, compassion, connectedness, and expanded vision; to nourish and feed me and connected others. Linda

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