Hanging Out Near Grand Central

For over twelve years of Wednesdays, I have hung out near 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. Among my three offices, the Grand Central space was my favorite. The area is vibrant and beautiful, has beautiful architecture, and is immensely convenient. In a complicated—,late last year a new landlord took the lease. The thought occurred to me that I could be asked to leave but I didn’t dwell on it. Early this year, my dear friend Grisel, a clairvoyant, told me she saw me in only one office. “I have three offices. How could I possibly decide which office(s) to eliminate,” was my response. Upon awakening one morning in late January, I awoke to find the door open in a cabinet where I keep fine glassware. As unusual as this sounds, Universe communicates with me by opening the door to this cabinet. When this happens, I surmise “an opportunity is created.” The open door alerts and prepares me for change. On this very morning, I went downstairs, and onto my computer to view an email: the new landlord wanted my Wednesday; I had three months to find another office. My heart was broken in an instant! I felt it in the pit of my stomach. My favorite office has a brick wall with a covered fireplace, tall ceilings, reminding me of a townhouse where I once lived with my family. There are many warm feelings associated… I wanted to hold onto these, and what has worked up until now. I didn’t want to leave my treasured cove. My first challenge was to acknowledge the angry feelings toward the two landlords, old and new, for creating this situation. (Of course, this is irrational but I was angry.) Choosing compassion over anger was the second. My task was to stay in the moment, unattached to an agenda which meant I had to surrender judgment; and act from my unified self (i.e., not be pulled by emotions). What helped me move into compassion was the knowledge that leaving this space helps me move forward on my spiritual path. I knew I needed a push which I received from the landlords – I couldn’t have cut back on this office on my own. Important for me to remember was that Universe gave me a gentle warning through their numerology, the open cabinet door, Grisel’s vision. I knew change was coming so I could prepare myself.To make the situation more interesting, in middle February, a new email announced that I might be able to stay in the office because the landlord had acquired new space for expansion; another email on March 1 saying I can remain in the space. During this time I had scouted for space, placed an ad, without success, just to explore the possibilities. I’m remembering what Grisel shared with me, and I feel in my heart: I won’t hang out near Grand Central on Wednesday. I am taking the option of reducing my client caseload, working from home on that fourth day of the week to give a voice to other passions: blogging, planning workshops, and social media. This new shift has been quite a challenge as I am grieving what was comfortable as I look toward right now!

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