Will You Be Mine?

Valentine’s Day was celebrated last week. Red paper hearts, candy replicas and cupids floated from ceilings or were pasted on store windows. Red boxes of chocolate candy were displayed to entice us toward purchase. In a restaurant for dinner, a father and adorable 3 year-old-son gave a long-stem red rose to ‘mommy.’ On this day, women brought flowers for their men. One shop had their salesperson on the sidewalk, flanked by brightly colored flowers of rich variety. I do enjoy this festivity as an opportunity to acknowledge romantic and familial love, and to help the business economy. However, there’s more to love than candy and flowers. So, how do I truly show love, really demonstrate that I care to my special loved ones? And, are they the only ones to whom I show love? Will I make room in my heart for those who share consciousness? And, what will this look like? Showing love.compassion is a spiritual act, not an act of the ego. When I reach into my heart ‘where compassion resides’ there is alignment with my Higher Self where highest wisdom is found.A kind of bliss comes over me as I write this because my heart is speaking. I’ve come to know the peaceful sensation which accompanys this harmony, this place in my being which is more spiritual than physical. As I move toward love.compassion which comes from my spiritual self, I view the people in the world – my immediate community as well as other states and countries – as connected and one. I am interacting all the time and so there are countless opportunities to show love.compassion in my daily life. It’s often a challenge! Let’s visit my ego for a minute. Currently, I have a business relationship where repairs were necessary. I fulfilled my responsibility, paying for the repairs promptly. Soon after, an additional request for money was made in a sort of gray area. When the text came through, my first reaction was anger, as I feel I’ve done my part. More is being asked of me and I’m having a hard time complying. I’m searching for my feelings, because I want to respond with love.compassion for myself as well as she. I’m not sure about saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ at this point. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to show love.compassion. What I do know is that I need more time to decide on an appropriate response, one that will reflect my heart, not my ego.

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