Ode to February

cover image by Anna Armona

February, at one time, was a dreaded month for me. I visualize the seasons on the face of a time clock with January in the number twelve position and February at one o’clock. As we swing down the clock, we descend into the cold, even frigid temperatures of the Winter. The wind chill greets us and causes the bones to shiver in the exchange. With this in mind, my body tenses in apprehension and alarm. The cold can be unfriendly. While keeping me warm at home, my heating system dries my skin.My thoughts about February have shifted this year, and I think this has something to do with my being in the flow, more joyful and in the moment, more often. My resistance to the cold is lifted. In the metaphor, I’m not swimming upstream like a salmon who dies after spawning. Rather, I am moving with the water, buoyed by the momentum and available support; moving with consciousness, the connected others of which we are all a part!Currently, there’s more of an adventure to February where I expect the cold and frigid days, some snow and wind. My clothing reflects this reality: several layers beneath a down coat, ear muffs or hat, scarf, gloves and boots. In my home I feel cozy. I use cream to lubricate my skin. On the 14th I like to give chocolates to loved ones and smile at others. In fact I like to smile at others on every day of the year.As I write this, a long-stem-red rose graces my table. Life is good. I feel warm in February.

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