Brooklyn, New York is my home. A snowfall of 12 inches visited us this weekend; the snow with its silent and relaxing energy feels like a meditation. Two-year-old Charlie is staying with me while my sister and her fiancé ski in Colorado. He is a handsome Labrador mix. We have a strong connection as he touches my heart deeply. Charlie gives me kisses frequently and endears himself in so many ways. At this very moment he is napping on the left corner of my bed. Previously, as I meditated, he tried to get my attention. When this failed, Charlie chose to lie on my bed, perhaps because he feels close to me while there. Having Charlie visit causes me to go into a different gear. He got my attention at 5:45 am, and I let him out into my rear garden. Charlie romped in the snow on the first level and barreled up the stairs to the community garden like a child in a novel situation. He was playful, happy and showed heightened sensitivity to the air and snow-covered greenery. Charlie found a rock which he guarded with his might. As he passed through my back door, I thought the rock was a ball of snow and ice. He allowed me to examine it and I quickly returned it to him later finding the rock on his bed. At 6:45 am, I, with hat, coat, gloves and boots, walked Charlie who was in his birthday suit, around the block. He bounced upon and over the snow, met a canine friend, pooped in a now favorite spot, and graciously allowed me to wipe him down when we returned. My sister and her fiance’ show Charlie a lot of love, and provide the right amount of discipline. I can tell by being with him that he comes from a loving home. Charlie can be fierce as well as gentle. His needs are simple, and he’s been an inspiration. Let’s take a leap from canine to human. We need and can’t live without love. We can love ourselves and choose relationships which are loving. As we consciously guide ourselves along the spiritual path we feel in our heart that our choices are appropriate when love and compassion are present. Both the snow and Charlie remind me to remain in the moment. You know: the present moment where all things are possible, and where we are able to find peace and love amidst the chaos around us. Artist: James Barker

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